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The Hands are the Head of the Mouth.
The Mouth as Articulator in Sign Languages

This book stems from a workshop on the use of the mouth in European sign languages held at the University of Leiden, in The Netherlands, in December 1998. Presentations and discussion there covered a wide range of issues at the heart of research on mouth patterns.

There is a broad agreement that there are at least two learly identifiable types of mouth patterns in sign languages: They may be derived from a spoken language or they may have formed from within the sign languages and bear no relation to the mouth movement of a spoken language. Issues of terminology in this area are still not resolved.

The contributions of this book reflect several areas of particular interest with respect to mouth patterns in sign languages: The meaning of terms which is not always immediately obvious in this respect, the use of Notation systems for mouth patterns, the consistency of outhings and mouth gestures, especially in relation to the methodology used as well as situational, regional and social variation and the linguistic biography of the informant, and the status of the mouth patterns that come from spoken languages.

Boyes Braem, Penny and Rachel Sutton-Spence (eds): The Hands are the Head of the Mouth . The Mouth as Articulator in Sign Languages. Broschur / Paperback, 325 Seiten, Signum 2001, ISBN 3-927731-83-8. EUR 27,60

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